Boreals celebrate 15 years of independent music with key player Foehn Records

On the 29th of October Boreals take the stage with over 20 other acts to celebrate 15 years of Foehn Records, who have almost singlehandedly been at the forefront of Spain's independent electronic and alternative scene for almost 2 decades. The line up includes such artists as Balago, Baywaves, Bedroom, Boreals, combray, Harrison Ford Fiesta, Holögrama, I am Dive, Emilio José, Santiago Latorre, NOTHING PLACES, Ocellot, OSO LEONE, Miquel Serra, Seward, Sorry Kate, TVERSKY, Zulu Zulu,... 

Check out a sneak preview of they show below!

Advance tickets 10Euros, 15 after and 18 on the door.

C/Sant Adrià, 20 08030 Barcelona, Spain