Esteban Adame releases “Paper People EP” on Rogue Society and includes remixes from Robert Hood and Jus Ed




He may be from Los Angeles, but Esteban Adame looks to the Midwest for inspiration. It's a decade since Adame's keyboard skills caught the attention of UR's Mike Banks, and since then he's rocked up on Planet E and Subject Detroit. Robert Hood contributes a remix to this straightforward, solid techno EP, and it's his spirit that looms over "Rays Of Saturn." Spanking synths combine with a low-end wobble and percussion that sounds like cartridges being loaded into a shotgun. "Baby Nostradamus" offers something different, a chopped-up acid burble going toe-to-toe with angelic chords, leaving it to Hood to inject some urgency. He turns in a grand, sweeping remix of "Ray Of Saturn" that mixes car-alarm intensity with relentless hi-hats. Jus-Ed may have a track record for flipping the musical bird, but he adopts a softer approach for "Baby Nostradamus," a nostalgic house remix with cotton-wool pads and bumping drum patterns. And yet, for all these high-powered remixes, it's the digital-only "Something" that lingers longest in the memory. Across almost ten minutes of gathering mayhem, its metallic clanks, bludgeoning kicks and underlying malevolence are compelling.