Pau Roca (DJ)

Bons Records / Libido

Pau Roca has risen as the new "house master" of Barcelona, as described in a review of the festival Sónar. The "agitator of the Barcelona scene" - this time according to 'El Periódico' - has established himself as one of the most solid and consistent mainstays of Spain’s electronic panorama, as evinced by his packed schedule and participation in the most important festivals and venues around the country, such as Sónar, Mondo, Mutek, MiRA, Oven, Electrosplash, Ballantine's True Music, Nitsa, Brunch -In The Park or BAM-La Mercè with Sau Poler, closing the main stage in front of more than 10,000 people.

After being a resident DJ and talent buyer of the club BeCool, Pau decided to venture into the record business by founding the label Bons Records in 2013 with his partner Gon. With essential releases for any lover of good House in all its forms, Bons Records has put out international artists of the stature of Doc L. Junior, Philou Louzolo and Michael & Jackson, reflecting the great musical openness that Pau also applies during his performances.

His sets run the gamut of musical history without complexes or prejudices, paying homage to disco, funk, boogie, and above all, American-influenced house at his Libido parties, which have become truly mandatory for any lover of good music.

With Libido, currently a bi-monthly residency at Nitsa Club, Pau actively participates in the city's nightlife by supporting artists and proposals close to his musical tastes, hosting top acts such as Jovonn, DJ Bone, Dan Shake or Rick Wilhite.

As a producer, Pau had a surprise hit in 2016 with 'Garvey City', a track included in the first release of the enigmatic Black Money label, alongside an edit by Marc Piñol. 'Garvey City' was also released on the compilation 'Electronic Music From Catalonia', selected by Javier Blánquez, who compiled some of the best productions made in Catalonia that year.

Whether it is with his own productions, remixes for JD Records and Bons Records, edits for theBasement Discos or even with his own series of "free edits", Pau Roca has proven to be a key figure when it comes to understanding the current positive situation and development of Spain’s electronic music scene.



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